This is my response to The Daily Post’s prompt, Overcome. Click the link to learn more, or continue on to my short essay.

On September the Eighth, I was not awoken by the sunrise. I was up before that glowing star broke the horizon line, and was likely in the shower or doing my hair while it rose. For the first time all week, I was not late to work. I did not arrive early like I had wanted; my subconscious made drinking a second cup of coffee in bed a priority over hustling to prepare for the day.

My day at work did not hold much importance. I took care of some office housekeeping and busy tasks that could have been put off infinitely. I did not stay until five, choosing to shop around in strip malls surrounding The Mall, choosing a pair of sneakers to bring home.

I was not my normal defensive self as I drove towards the highway. It could have had something to do with the beautiful sun-rain falling around me and the other drivers. Or the iced latte I had just picked up. Either way, I rushed through the EZPass lane and towards the on ramp, and then I looked up.

Today, September the Ninth, I am still breathless thinking about those bands of light shooting upwards into the clearing clouds. Can still clearly picture how brightly that combination of colors shone against even darker clouds. The more northward I drove the more pronounced it got, until I reached the town where the rainstorm still pummeled the earth and the rainbow was gone, like the flame from a quickly blown out candle.

Today, September the Ninth, I woke to a mediocre sunrise. It touches me that cameras cannot capture the perfect essence of a sunrise, or a rainbow, or the natural colors surrounding us. Sure, the images can be altered to match the real hues, but the only way I can be truly overcome by Mother Earth is to gaze at her normalcies and marvels through the eyes I was born with, twenty-five years ago today.

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