April Reading Challenge: An Introduction

Since most of my trouble and toil with the new site was related to its looks, the book I have chosen for April’s Reading Challenge is perfect: I checked it out of the library solely because of its looks. Yes, that’s right, I judged this book by its cover, and if it’s not colorful, indecisive, clearly planned out…well, I guess I’ll only be a tad bit disappointed. With words like “oozing plasma” and a character (I’m already speculating it’s a computer) titled “U.” in the jacket summary, you can say I am intrigued. I’m thinking it’s a Matrix-esque novel, so in other words, a genre I am not usually drawn to, but like I said before, its appealing cover design has already convinced me to read it.

After that long rambling I’ll tell you what the book is: Satin Island, published in 2015 and written by Tom McCarthy. It’s a relatively thin book, but I’m anticipating slightly dense content so this one will be enough for the month (among the poetry I’ll be *trying* to read for National Poetry Month!). Have you read it? No spoilers! And check out my impressions at the end of the month.


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