Word of the Day: lissom/lissome

Happy Friday! It’s been a long week so I’m glad the weekend is [almost] here at last. Today’s word has two slightly different spellings. With or without the [silent] “e,” it is pronounced the same (although my spellchecker doesn’t like it without). Aaahh, English.
I hope you’ve enjoyed these words that describe people, and stay tuned for next week’s category. Have a great weekend!

lissom  or lissome (LIS-uhm)

adjective: agile, graceful

Alteration of lithesome, from Old English lithe (flexible, mild) + -some (having a particular quality).
Earliest documented use: 1800

Usage (inspired by the beautiful new shoes I am wearing today)
Shoes with heels strengthen my lissome spirit and inspire great confidence within my soul.

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