Word of the Day: stolid

Happy Monday! For some reason I did not get my Wordsmith email from which I get each Word of the Day. Fortunately, I can still access it from their website so I can still post today’s word while I figure out what’s up with my subscription.
Oh yeah, and the theme for this week is words to describe people. Have a great week!


stolid (STAHL-id)
adjective: having or showing little emotion; dull; impassive

From Latin stolidus (dull, stupid). Ultimately from the Indo-European root stel- (to put or stand), which is also the source of stallion, stilt, install, gestalt, stout, and pedestal, stele, and epistolary.
Earliest documented use: 1600

It was difficult to identify what she was feeling, as her stolid manner held strong no matter the circumstance.

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