Word of the Day: catacomb

catacomb (KAT-uh-kom, -koom)

an underground cemetery with passageways and recesses for graves.
noun: a thing or a place that is complex or labyrinthine.

From Latin catacumbas, of obscure origin.
Earliest documented use: 971

Usage (from Wordsmith)
“The catacombs beneath Paris, which famously house the remains of six million dead, are probably one of the last places you’d want to feel trapped.”
Robert Abele; Dredging Up Cliches Below Ground in Paris; Los Angeles Times; Aug 30, 2014.

“Some of [users’ anger was from] fear that their gaming device would wither away in the Facebook catacombs, forgotten by a young billionaire mogul with buyer’s remorse.”
Peter Rubin; Oculus Rift; Wired (New York); Jun 2014.

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